Leeds – Warehouse

December 21, 2017 admin 0

In the pantheon of great club venues, there are the obvious candidates: The Goldmine, The Haçienda, Legends, The Ministry Of Sound, Heaven, Cream. But there’s […]

Mirrorballs Smirnoff

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THE MIRROR BALL “Make your place a dazzling Fairyland,” trumpets a handbill advertising the Myriad Reflector, a mirror ball patented in 1917. And who would […]

nu-rave: springseven

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Rave ain’t nothin’ new. When the papers recently mourned the death of the ‘King of the Ravers’ they weren’t referring to Brandon Block or Derek […]

Tony Humphries – Faith

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“In addition to our special New Years’ Eve party please join us for a celebration and farewell to Tony Humphries who is going over to […]

Technics 1200 – Mixmag

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We’re sad to report that the Technics 1200, after a long and protracted illness, was finally put to sleep in November 2010. After beating off […]

UK Clubs – RedBulletin

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69 Dean Street is an inauspicious place to start a revolution. Today, it’s now a posh Soho hotel and dining room, but back in 1978 […]

US Dance: The Face

December 20, 2017 admin 0

Something is stirring in the loins of America’s music scene and it ain’t grunge, Britpop or, for that matter, electronica. Dance music, for years ghettoised […]